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Personal Coaching

In order to be the best in the world a coach can help you unlock your true potential.  

Personalized Coaching Sessions Include:

  • 1:1 Recurring Calls/Video Conference
  • Tools and Resources to help reflect
  • Goal Setting Strategy
  • Focus Sessions
  • Accountability
  • Perspective "from the balcony"


Mindful Workshops

Poorly Managed Stress Creates Turnover and Decreases Productivity

Learning Mindfulness practices can help everyone from C-suite to Individual Contributors

Sessions include:

  • Lunch and Learn workshops
  • 1:1 Leadership coaching
  • Mindful breathing workshops
  • Meditation sessionsRequest Free Consultation! 

Corporate Wellness

Employee Health & Satisfaction are key to Business Success for the long-term

Sessions identify and help employees engage more effectively in the work place and at home.


  • Corporate Yoga Classes
  • Guided Meditations
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly options