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Defining Emotional Intelligence and Effects on Leadership

By Jordan Benjamin November 1, 2017

Emotional intelligence. Along with terms like “corporate responsibility,” “synergism,” and “data..

How Leaders Use Mindfulness to Improve Performance

By Jordan Benjamin October 11, 2017

When you work in an organization and your boss manages 100 people, it's easy to feel critical..

5 Ways Mindfulness Promotes More Effective Leadership

By Jordan Benjamin September 26, 2017

Most of us assume a leadership position at some point in our lives—in fact, multiple leadership..

How Mindfulness Can Super-Charge Your Leadership Skills

By Jordan Benjamin September 22, 2017

There are many contexts in which you might be called to assume a leadership role: as the CEO of..

How Mindfulness Can Increase Employee Happiness and Satisfaction

By Jordan Benjamin September 19, 2017

According to a recent survey from Gallup, “Companies that increase their number of talented..

6 Ways to Run More Mindful and Effective Meetings

By Jordan Benjamin September 16, 2017

Mindfulness in the workplace can improve employee happiness, help you become a better leader,..


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