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How Marketers Can Use Mindfulness Meditation to Be More Creative

There is a popular psychological theory that we get our best ideas in the shower. 30 Rock even made an episode about this concept called “The Shower Principle.” (In the episode, Jack Donaghy claims that talking to Liz Lemon is his own “shower” zone where he can come up with his best ideas.) Shower theory, as explained by psychologists, allows our brain to go into the “default mode network.” When you allow yourself to detach from your surrounding environment, you are left with only your internal thoughts. Others have explained this as the “Aha! Moment” or the “eureka moment.” Beyond simply going into the default mode network to become inspired, psychologists have also proven that a positive mood allows you to be more creative.

Mindfulness meditation is a way to enter into “shower mode,” or being able to detach oneself from current surroundings and be alone with one’s inner thoughts. It allows the practicer to use Buddhist meditative techniques to find the internal connection with themselves. By removing distraction and meditating peacefully, you can focus not on the problems or people in your office, but allow your mind to wander and find creative solutions without trying to. Having a problem to solve and trying to sit down and solve it immediately rarely works. Instead, meditation is a great daily practice to give you a set time in your day where you might be able to solve a certain problem and become more creative overall.

Since positivity plays such a huge role in creativity, meditation has a dual purpose in increasing creativity. The benefits of mindfulness meditation include becoming more optimistic, getting rid of stress and anxiety, and becoming more in tune with one’s true self. Rather than sitting down and trying to “be more creative,” try practicing mindfulness meditation and letting your brain rest from everyday thoughts and stressors. When you are calm and optimistic, both you and your brain are more likely to take creative risks and jumps to come up with new ideas.



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