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6 Ways to Run More Mindful and Effective Meetings

Mindfulness in the workplace can improve employee happiness, help you become a better leader, and also run more effective meetings. Mindfulness allows those who run meetings to improve their emotional intelligence and become a better business leader. Attentiv reports that 63% of meetings held in the U.S don’t have a pre-planned agenda and the biggest complaint from employees is that meetings are inconclusive and don’t result in any action items.

Team meeting management is an underrated skill that can help improve team morale and promote more effective meetings starting out with something as simple as creating a staff meeting agenda. Try these methods of running more mindful meetings to boost productivity and empower your team by showing them that their time is valuable.

  1. Create a team meeting agenda
    Ask your team ahead of time if there is anything they would like to discuss with the group. Give them an allotted amount of time to discuss it and hold them to that time. This way, there will be less wasted time for the group.

  2. Begin your team meeting with 2 minutes of mindfulness meditation
    This will help to eliminate distractions and focus the group, making the rest of the meeting more productive and on-task. 

  3. Use active listening
    When your team members feel heard, they will be more productive, work harder, and have higher workplace satisfaction.

  4. Make sure everyone is heard and treated fairly
    If you have a team member who is very outspoken, make sure they don’t overshadow a quieter team member. Giving everyone a chance to speak is important for discovering new ideas.

  5. Only book as much time as you need
    Attentiv’s study reported that employees felt that 33.4% of all meeting time is unproductive. If your meeting only requires a half hour, don’t book the full hour. Respect your team’s time. Consider before booking meetings whether or not the topic even requires an in-person meeting.

  6. Consider going laptop-free
    Eliminating distractions will make meetings more mindful and productive. Without the constant messages, social media sites, and G-chats from loved ones, your team will cut out unnecessarily lengthy meetings from their schedules and have more effective meetings.

Mindful meetings are effective meetings. By spending time beforehand creating a thoughtful and inclusive agenda, you will make your team feel like they are spending quality time meeting together rather than wasting their days in back-to-back meetings.



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