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A Community To Inspire Mindfulness At Work

Why Are We Here?

We are here because there is a deep need in workplaces today to help our employees develop into the best versions of themselves while not having them break down in the midst of the intense pressure in today's business environment.  More distractions every single day destroy the effectiveness of our meetings, conversation and relationships.  

Through many different mindfulness and awareness practices we can help develop better leaders, build effective relationships and help create more inclusive environments in the workplace.  

Whether you are in Tech, Finance, Startup, Fortune 500 or anything else, there is the opportunity to benefit from mindfulness in your office. I've heard stories from individual contributors to the C-Suite; from Sales, Support, Engineering and every other department on the benefits of mindfulness for each of them.  Whether you have been practicing for years, or just getting started we would all beenfit from your presence in our community! Join us! 

Join The Community!